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Skincare Tips

We know skincare is strenuous for men. It might also not be at the top of your mind, given all the things that you’re juggling. But taking care of your skin is essential, and you should have a grooming ritual, a skincare routine to get you all refreshed and ready for the day. We’re here to give you some fantastic skin-care tips. Let’s make men’s grooming easier and fun.

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You have probably heard this a million times over by now. But there’s indeed nothing that can help your skin like a healthy intake of water. In addition to giving your skin a healthy glow, it helps reduce the chance of acne and pimples. It is also great for your health in general. Make sure you always have a bottle of water handy.

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5-minute Skincare Routine

No one expects to find a 5-minute skincare routine for men easily. But skincare, like all other good habits, needs to be done consistently and regularly.  Make sure you have a fixed time, say when you’ve just woken up or right before you go to bed, to do this routine. It can be something as simple as peel, scrub, and wash. But make sure you do it every day for the best results.

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Know Your Skin Type

It is essential to choose products that are right for your skin. This is why you need to know your skin type. Dry skin needs products that can moisturize, while oily skin needs something that does not add a greasy feel. Make sure you get it right.

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Use Sunscreen

Something as simple as an extra layer of protection for the skin can do wonders in the long run. Using sunscreen prevents irritation of the skin, rashes, and burns. It helps keep skin fresh and free from any long term damage.

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Lip Balm

Chapped lips most definitely don’t scream “skincare.” If you are looking for tips to take better care of your skin, go the extra mile and add a touch of lip balm. Choose one that does not come off as too obvious but gets the job done. Avoid chapping and broken skin by regularly applying it, and make sure to use it before you get in bed. It will do wonders.

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A good non-greasy moisturizer goes a long way towards healthy skin. You can do this right after a bath or opt for night creams before you go to bed. Either way, these help your skincare routine and give a glowing and healthy appearance. In the long run, they’ll take years off.

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Go Organic

Opt for soaps and skincare products with organic ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. Organic products are gentler on the skin and will cause no reactions or irritation. Chemicals in harder soaps and cosmetics will damage the skin in the long run, causing rashes, pimples, acne, and scars.

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Use Beard Oil

The uses of beard oil are multifold. They not only work on beard growth but also make beards soft and easy to tame. Besides, it works wonders for the skin below the beard, making it soft and smooth. It also protects it from damage caused by shaving. That’s just more reason to invest in good quality beard oil. Make sure you choose one without chemical ingredients to avoid rashes, itches, and skin irritation.

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Make sure to exfoliate regularly. It helps eliminate dead skin and dirt from your skin while also unclogging pores and preventing ingrown hair. It also acts as a middle man, prepping your skin to receive and absorb other products better. Thus, it takes you one step closer to achieving perfect skin. While it is impossible to implement all these together, you could always start by picking two steps for men’s grooming and following them until those become habits that you follow mechanically. Then pick two more and proceed forward. You’ll have your skincare routine in no time, and it will most definitely make a difference.

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