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Click “My Account” in our top navigation. You can edit your subscription ship dates and frequency from your account. We’ll always email you 3 days before your next order. 

Shipping Information

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Our Quality Standards

We don’t make products that are bad for you or the environment. All our products comprise organic ingredients. Grown without insecticides, pesticides, and a chemical cocktail, these ingredients are free of contamination. It also means they are non-allergenic, as they are grown free of chemicals.

What if I use products slower than 30 days?

This is YOUR program, so if you need to slow it down, it’s your call on when you want to receive your next box. There is a delivery schedule in your dashboard that makes it easy to change your delivery date, as well as your desired order frequency.

Does Humanly products work for all skin tones/types?

Yes, Humanly has been formulated to work with all skin types.

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The best way to get in touch with our team is to drop us a note through our email: We will respond super-fast… but not so fast that you think we are robots.